First of its kind, the SproutPot has been designed to connect to a main water source whereby it is filled automatically. Once the maximum level is reached the valve control system kicks in to ensure your pots can’t overflow. As days pass and the plant draws up the water the float valve will kick in and automatically and refill as it needs (no electricity required).

Water, oxygen and nutrients are all supplied directly to the plant using an unique wicking system drawing water from the reservoir at the bottom of the planter, as part of the sub-irrigation. Wick length can be adjusted up and down to a maximum level of 25cm for optimum moisture to the soil in the planter according to the types of crops and plants you wish to grow. 

Single pots can easily be manually filled as water level can be seen on the outside of the pot. A huge advantage of the SproutPot is the design of the separate water reservoir tray. This makes moving the pot, emptying for cleaning and replanting much easier.

We highly recommend use a tap timer set to run for 5 minutes a day, to ensure the pipework connecting the pots is not always under pressure.

All assembly instructions are included with your purchase.