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Greenhouse & Glasshouse Set Up

An Organised Greenhouse Is a Productive Greenhouse!
I’m sure we all strive to have the perfectly organised greenhouse...but as we all know, it’s sometimes easier said than done. If you’re trying to get your greenhouse tidy and organised, then here are some ideas to help you.

Create some Organisational Zones in Your Greenhouse 
In order to get the inside of your greenhouse organised and functional, it’s helpful to split the interior area into zones. You don’t have to do this physically, to start with it can be helpful to draw it out as a diagram. Think about the main areas you’d like to have in your greenhouse, such as main planting area, a tool storage area, a worktop area for potting or taking cuttings, and perhaps an area for storing plant feed or watering equipment.

Options For Planting Areas
Every gardener uses their greenhouse in a different way, so greenhouse accessories are infinitely variable.e

Benefits of Sproutwell Greenhouses

Our brand is well known in the industry and from researching you'll see positive reviews from 100's of customers all over Australia. Sproutwell has been designing, developing and manufacturing Greenhouses for over 10yrs. We know what works for our climate and what we need to incorporate into our structures to not only achieve high quality Greenhouses but to ensure it will outlast any other brand on the Australian market.

We don't just say they are the best Greenhouses...we back it up! Compare our Glasshouse frames with our competitors and you'll see it in the door & corner profiles, base framing and the list goes on. This is the reason why majority of schools, landscapers, builders & everyday Australians choose Sproutwell!

We are the ONLY Greenhouse Company to offer a range of structures that have been Independenty Engineered & Certified with Form 15 for Council Approval!

Ask your questions in person at one of our
incredible showrooms

Our sales team are on hand to walk you around both showroom locations (Geelong and Pakenham). Feel free to make an appointment to receive dedicated service or just pop in and we'll do our best to run through all the options.

We do try to have all of the different structures on display so you can view frame differences and design however, being that there are so many options/sizes it can be limited. So if you're wanting to see a specific model give us a call first.

Contact us if you still need assistance

Sproutwell has been the innovator, on the cutting edge of our field, constantly improving and evolving our services, products, and business practices to reflect a ever changing marketplace.

It’s takes hard work, perseverance, and more than a little investment that makes a company the best in its field. That’s what we’ve worked hard to become, and we’ve been doing it longer than any other greenhouse and gardening company in our area. So BEWARE of Companies who simply take what they see from a successful company and then try to fleece you out of your hard-earned dollars by making you believe they’re the real deal.

If you have any questions or want to meet us face to face feel free to contact and make an appointment or just drop into one of our display centres for a visit.



Why should I consider using Self-Watering Pots?

In today’s busy world it is hard to find time for growing and maintaining vegetable gardens. Growing in self-watering pots eliminates all those barriers. Gardening in self-watering pots is a pleasure, not a chore. Pots offer a clean, controlled, low-maintenance environment in modern design that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and versatile enough to fit in almost any space outdoors, indoors and perfect for townhouses and apartments.

Like any form of gardening, planting in containers can be as simple in keeping the plants vigorous, healthy and comparatively easy, in achieving a higher yield with the same effort. Unlike a garden, growing in self watering pots eliminates the labour intensive chores, such as soil preparation, preparing the seed beds, mulching for water retention etc.

The time spent on these routines in the garden can be devoted to getting to know the habits of your plants, keeping them healthy and flourishing, while routine maintenance, such as watering and feeding brings you into regular contact with your plants. The other advantage of gardening in self watering pots rather than in open ground is the possibility of growing plants side by side that require different soil conditions.

How can I best Maintain my Greenhouse?


• Grease the doors (Hinges & Locks).
• Keep the gutters free from leaves etc.
• Adjust the Automatic Vent Openers as necessary.
• Wash down the outside Polycarbonate panels with warm soapy water and a soft brush (dirt can build up on the outside layer causing it to look discouloured)
• Clean the inside of greenhouse with disinfectant before and after each growing season.

Does my greenhouse need solid foundations?

A solid base for your Sproutwell™ greenhouse will provide you with long-term durability so you’ll have many, many years of greenhouse growing. Without a solid foundation, your Sproutwell™ greenhouse may settle over time, putting pressure on the solid galvanised frame and causing the door or roof windows not open or close correctly.

We recommend you prepare a solid base for your Sproutwell™ greenhouse, such as a concrete slab or a bed of crushed rock, Lilydale toppings, pebbles or grass. Pavers are another popular option for growers who prefer to plant directly into raised beds because they act as a pathway between beds.

PLEASE NOTE: When talking of foundations/base we are referring to the types of applications available to use on the inside of your Greenhouse. Options for anchoring and securing the Greenhouse to the ground is different and information about this can be found below.

When choosing your sold base think about: how you intend to use your Sproutwell™ greenhouse; what’s easy to keep clean/maintain; and what will assist in providing the most solid anchor.

Where should I site my greenhouse?

Sproutwell™ greenhouses come in eight different models with different sizes and shapes to suit any backyard configuration. Before ordering your Sproutwell™ greenhouse take time to consider the most suitable site for yourSproutwell™ greenhouse to ensure maximum growing potential for your plants.

Easy access to water and electricity is a major consideration, but more importantly, sitting you Sproutwell™ greenhouse North to South – to catch the maximum amout of light – should be your biggest priority.

Avoid shade that will block valuable sunlight. If you have a wall or fence, don’t site your freestanding Sproutwell™ greenhouse any closer than two-and-a-half times the height of the object that will block your sunlight.

Avoiding wind should also be a major consideration. All greenhouses are vulnerable to wind damage and it is essential that your Sproutwell™ greenhouse is sheltered from winds and not placed in areas that may look sheltered – like down the side of the house – which are, in fact, wind tunnels. You may also consider sheltering yourSproutwell™ greenhouse with fencing, hedging or even a water tank to protect your valuable asset.

Can I run rainwater from my greenhouse into a tank?

All Sproutwell™ greenhouses feature a guttering system along the roofline that allows you to collect valuable rainwater and store it close to where it’s needed – near your greenhouse. You’ll be surprised by just how much rainwater you can collect from the roof of your Sproutwell™ greenhouse.
Many of our greenhouse customers choose to install a small watertank close to their Sproutwell™ greenhouse, not only to provide a readily available water supply, but also as a protective shelter from potentially damaging winds.
Collecting rainwater is also a great way to manage rainwater run-off to help prevent any drainage issues that might occur after installing your Sproutwell™ greenhouse.

How do I regulate the temperature in my greenhouse?

Regulating the temperature in your Sproutwell™ greenhouse is essential in maintaining the optimum growing climate for your plants.
You will quickly learn that it is not about maintaining a ‘constant temperature’, rather the desired temperature will depend on the plants you are growing and their stage in their life cycle. However, it is often possible to provide a temperature that suits most plants, most of the time.

Unheated greenhouses work best in very temperate regions in Australia, where the growing seasons are long and there is ample sunlight to provide heat. In these regions, your Sproutwell™ greenhouse will rely on the sun, and the residual ground temperature, to create a climate that is warmer than outside the greenhouse.

In the warmer months the challenge is ensuring that your Sproutwell™ greenhouse does not become too hot. ManySproutwell™ greenhouse owners use Sproutwell™ Shading Systems, Sproutwell™ Auto Vent Openers andSproutwell™ Louvre Windows to help shade their greenhouse in summer, release unwanted heat and maximise air flow.

For greenhouse enthusiasts living in cooler Australian regions, the challenge is providing enough heat in the cooler, overcast months to create a climate that is adequate for raising seeds and growing plants and vegetables that would normally thrive in the summer months. In fact, a small amount of heat will result in a Sproutwell™ greenhouse climate where salad vegetables can be grown year-round.

Sproutwell™ has done significant research into the best greenhouse heating and now offer the thermostat-controlled Sproutwell™ Greenhouse Fan Heater and the Sproutwell™ Greenhouse Electric Tube Heater, which provides gentle radiant heat and costs about the same per hour as an ordinary light bulb.

Why should I buy a greenhouse with polycarbonate panels

Greenhouses made of glass are well and truly a relic of the past with polycarbonate glazing now regarded by expert gardeners as the most effective greenhouse panelling product. Why? Polycarbonate glazing is 200 times stronger than glass, as well as being safer, more durable and weather resistant.

From a growing perspective, polycarbonate provides a much more stable growing environment. All polycarbonate panels used in Sproutwell™ greenhouses are made from two skins of polycarbonate – creating a double-glazing effect and outstanding thermal performance (10mm is greater than 6mm Panels). Our polycarbonate panels also give growers the added protection of blocking 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

The strength offered by polycarbonate panels used by Sproutwell™ also helps create a sturdier greenhouse structure, allowing for easy assembly. Each Sproutwell™ polycarbonate panel is secured to the frame in full-length 14mm-15mm channelled grooves. Adding to the strength is a series of wall and roofing bracing that protects your panels and solidifies the integrity of each Sproutwell™ product.

Buy Now Pay Later with AfterPay

Introducing Afterpay!
We have collated a list of our products below that can be purchased using Afterpay!

How does Afterpay work?
Afterpay enables you to receive your order now and pay over 4 x Interest free fortnightly installments.
When checking out at our website, simply select Afterpay as a payment method and it will forward you on to their website.
The signup process is quick & easy, All you need is a bank card and you are good to go! For more information regarding Afterpay head to their website

List of products eligible with Afterpay:
• Self Watering Pots
• Solar Roof Vent
• Misting Systems
• Louvres & Vents
• Heating Systems
• Digital Thermometer
• Plant Hangers
• Veggie Bags
• Polycarbonate Panels 4mm, 6mm + 10mm
• Raised Garden Beds
• Staging Kits / Individual Stands / Seed Tray Stands
• Small Shading Systems
• Mini Greenhouse
• Small / Large Nursery Greenhouse
• Lean-To 3100 Greenhouse
• If you have any further questions regarding Afterpay contact the Sproutwell Team and we will be
• happy to help you!

Happy Shopping!


What are Staging Kits?

Sproutwell™ Staging Kits are essential sturdy, versatile shelving systems built especially for Sproutwell™ greenhouse to store plants and provide you with the maximum amount of space for your greenhouse growing.
Our Staging Kits are made from quality aluminium, are resistant to water damage and are sturdy enough to support the weight of pots filled with soil and water. By placing plants on a Sproutwell™ Staging Kit you will ensure they have the space and ventilation they need to grow unencumbered, without tangling and without competition from other plants.
Many Sproutwell™ customers also choose to install a Sproutwell™ Potting Shelf, giving them the luxury of a work area that’s at a great height for planting, sowing and re-potting.

Do I need Louvres for my Greenhouse?

Cross ventilation is an essential tool used to cool your Sproutwell™ greenhouse and to ensure adequate airflow so problems like mildew are unlikely to develop.
Keeping a greenhouse cool requires a combination of shading, ventilation and humidity. Sproutwell™ Auto Vent Openings cool your greenhouse by automatically opening and releasing hot air as the temperature inside increases. Sproutwell™ Louvre Windows fitted to the rear of your Sproutwell™ greenhouse, combined with leaving the door ajar, will also create the cross ventilation you need for the ideal growing climate.
Help prevent the need for extensive cross ventilation by shading your greenhouse with a Sproutwell™ Shading System. Our shading systems come in a range of sizes to suit any Sproutwell™ greenhouse and are the cheapest and most effective way of controlling greenhouse temperature during warm weather.


How long does it take to receive my order?

If all items are in stock we aim to have them dispatched wihin 48hrs. The only time there can be a delay is if your whole/part of the order is 'Pre-Sale' and we're waiting for it to arrive. If thats the case then due to the amount of orders we have to pick, pack and book it can take up to a week due to the backlog to have them collected by the courier. Most Victorian locations will recieve within 2-3 business days and Interstate can be 3-7 business days.

Which couriers do you use?

We don't necessarily have a 'preferred' courier generally we book with the carrier that offers the most competitive price (as it varies dramatically). There is now the option to choose the 'collection for local depot' which will save a bit on freight but will require you to have a suitable vehicle or trailer to pick it up (carton sizes/weights can be found on product tab).


Which Glasshouse in your range has been Independently Engineered/Certified?

Our Regalia Frames cannot be compared to any other Aluminum Framed Glasshouse as they are thicker and stronger than those of any competitor in this price range- just ask our customers who have seen, touched and felt other brands on the market.

If you live in a location that gets extreme winter weather with gusty winds and snow, then our Regalia Series would be a good consideration. All of our glasshouse models come equipped with a multitude of features, offering you more than just a standard structure. Each model comes with high end 4mm toughened AS/NZS2208 Safety Glass, Side-Wall Louvers, Automatic Vent Openers & a Full side of Cantilever Shelving- All Inclusive!!

This particular Glasshouse is the only Glasshouse that has been Independently Certified and Engineered for Australian weather conditions (only one of its kind). Our Regalia Glasshouses are designed around a commercial model and incorporate the best growing features including our easy to install EPDM rubber glazing strips which stand up to the harshest UV light as well as eliminating rattling, reliance on silcon and installation problems caused by clip methods in older style glasshouses.

Which is better Glass or Polycarbonate?

Traditionally over many years greenhouses have used glass panels as the glazing method. In recent years however, there have been advancements made in twin-wall Polycarbonate that make it equal to or even better than glass in many ways. This makes the decision tougher than it used to be.

Glass is a classic and beautiful glazing option. Many gardeners select glass greenhouses as their perfect choice due to its aesthetic appeal. It has been the traditional greenhouse building glazing material. It permits the highest amount of light penetration. However, in recent years there have been some huge advancements made in twin-wall Polycarbonate that make it equal to or even better than glass in many ways. This makes the decision tougher than it used to be.

Here is some of the benefits for choosing Glass over Polycarbonate
• Better looks: You can see through glass clearly. This enhances the appearance of a greenhouse and gives it the “traditional look.”
• The maximum amount of natural light for plants: It has the highest light transmission.
• No fading or discoloration: While other covering materials tend to fade and become opaque, glass does not. It may fog up but that’s all. Glass will, therefore, transmit the same amount of light throughout its life.
• Long-lasting if breaking is prevented
• Flame-resistant: So it’s completely okay to use it in garden areas where barbecues take place.
• Natural resource: There are no chemicals used in the production. Potentially cheap acquisition: You can potentially salvage old windows and build a greenhouse with it.
• Easy to replace: You can order or purchase glass panes easily in your city. So, you can fix broken pieces faster.

Why are some down sides to choosing Glass as a glazing method?

• No heat protection or diffusion: The clarity of the material is nice but it doesn’t break sun rays or provide protection from the sun. If you are in the desert or another sunny place, this might be the death of your plants. Shade cloths will become indispensable.
• Higher heating/cooling costs: Regarding the previous point, you’ll also have to spend more to heat or cool a glass greenhouse.
• Higher price for greenhouse kits: Ready-made glass greenhouses can be quite pricey. Danger of breaking glass: Glass can be a very fragile material and breaking of glass panels on the greenhouse can be very dangerous. However, tempered glass can reduce the danger and ensure safety.
• Set-up: Glass greenhouses are not so easy to set up. In fact, the surface you are using for it must be completely plumb and level in order to prevent cracking of the glass over time. This may make it difficult for the do-it-yourself greenhouse builder.
• Heavier material: Glass is quite heavy and cumbersome to work with, especially when working with large panes.
• Not much insulation: Generally, glass does not provide as much insulation for your plant (unless the double-walled glass which is quite expensive).
• More maintenance: You have to clean the glass more frequently if you want to keep the beautiful appearance. This increases further if you are using hard water for irrigation. You may have to clean them once a month or every 2 weeks, depending on how clear you want them to be.


Why is Sproutwell's Designs the most superior on the market?

Sproutwell has been designing, developing and manufacturing Greenhouses for over 10yrs. We know what works for our climate and what we need to incorporate into our structures to not only achieve high quality Greenhouses but to ensure it will outlast any other brand on the market.

Majority of Aluminium ‘T’ frames/profile are found in most entry level Greenhouses designed for hobbyist gardeners. The most common method is a U Channel design whereby the polycarbonate slides into a shallow 8mm channel.
Despite claims no other greenhouse designs within Australia offer the advance structure of the ‘slide & lock’ u-channel system (we know because we've seen and tested it for ourselves). This is a unique Australian design, Sproutwell’s design, and cannot be found or purchase from anyone but Sproutwell® Greenhouses.

Known to be an older method/design on the market that was originally designed for Glass panel insertion. Majority of Greenhouses using this design method rely heavily on the use of spring clips, silicone and PVC strips to hold the polycarbonate in place. Polymer based silicone generally loose strength quickly.
The main thing to note is that any design that relies on secondary components will in time break down and fail in high winds. The PVC strips for example become brittle and shrink causing the polycarbonate panels to fall away from the frame. Its also important to consider how you go about replacing these strips years down the track should such companies go out of business.

Sproutwell’s superior ‘bar-capping’ on the other hand uses an aluminium mounting panel insertion system. It makes the Imperial range of greenhouses unique and unbeatable as they will never breakdown nor will the capping bars ever need replacing!

How do I know if the Polycarbonate used in a Greenhouse is high quality? It’s best to avoid polycarbonate with recycled materials. Why?

✗ Our harsh sun will discolour the panels and they’ll be yellow within 18mths-2yrs!
✗ They breakdown, become brittle and will crack
✗ Some Polycarbonate floating around the marketplace has little to no UV protection!

Peace of Mind...
Sproutwell® Greenhouses is the ONLY Australian Company to offer MICRON2 advanced specification. This means all panels within our range 6mm, 8mm and 10mm Polycarbonate come with a 10yr Limited Warranty – Satisfaction Guranteed!


All imported Polycarbonate (this type of cladding product isn’t manufactured anywhere in Australia/NZ) generally comes with a 20 micron UV protectant layer (cheaper recycled panels are known to have NO protection at all). However, the new Micron2 technology is where the outside layer (side that faces the sun) goes through a Solar grade co-extruded process using a double layer equaling 50 micron UV protectant.

Why not just protect both sides of the Panel?

Unfortunately once the sun hits the outer layer (side facing the sun) it begins a degrading process. Therefore, protecting the inside layer doesn’t offer a practical solution as the damage to the outer layer is already compromised and will need replacing despite having UV on both sides.

MICRON2 Specifications
• Genuine written 10yr Limited Warranty
• Will outperform and last up to 40% longer than standard applications
• Protects the panel from discolouring due to the double layer (50 Micron Protection)
• Due to the Double Protectant Layer on the outside surface it will stand up to hail and provide overall strength far longer than any other standard application
• Exclusive technology provided to Sproutwell Greenhouses

Lets learn more about our Grange Series

So it’s no secret our Grange Series has just been an amazing addition to our Sproutwell Range. What started as an idea to bring an easier assembly model to the market has evolved into it becoming one of Australia’s most sort after Greenhouse. There are many reasons for this…but here is just a few.

Buyers can clearly see that what we market and claim is 100% truth. Seeing them on display in person just confirms that the Grange indeed cannot be compared to anything else on the market.

So what makes it different? There are varying degrees of ‘box-section’ frames…our Imperial range for example is known as a bar-capping system with a box-section frame. However, the size of the profiles still do not come anywhere near the Grange (so be aware when others claim to have the biggest and best, we always advise to compare for yourself in person before falling into the trap of misleading marketing jargon)

There is no denying that when panel bays can span 1m and they are being produced and sold (extremely high demand) in 3m, 4m, 5m and yes for specialty orders in 7m widths… Well clearly its because the engineering and carefully planned design allows us to offer such advances to the market. Most Greenhouses of this caliber should easily be able to span these widths- If they can’t they’re considered to be a ‘hobby/residential Greenhouse’.

It is the only Greenhouse that comes with what we call a ‘quick assembly connector system’. Now don’t be fooled into thinking its anything like a beach marquee or umbrella! LOL.. …AND trust us when we say it’s a lot more than a spring loaded push button click-system. We’re talking a 3mm heavy-duty solid Aluminium spigot that sleeves into the box-section by 2inches each way.

Each section can be tightened (keeps long roof spans straight as a dye) and every 2m section in-between has a nut and bolt connection.

We provide snow load kits as standard for our 5m & 7m wide models (another big plus for buyers) so areas that experience 2ft of snow do not have to be concerned with the weight sitting on the roof of the Greenhouse. These…what are they called? Oh yes our competitor refers to them as being ‘hold the roof up bars’ is an “option” and not at all necessary (as you’ll see in 90% of our photos customers don’t use them).

When customers consider purchasing a Greenhouse over 8-10m+ in length it’s a HUGE plus and relief to know it will come with 300-400 less nuts and bolts than any other Greenhouse of that size…It is an easier product to work with and takes far less time to build.

It’s important to note that a lightweight cladding such as Polycarbonate ads little ‘strength nor does it assist with wind residence’. The most important factor to consider is how the panels are retained within the frame…A 10mm Twin Wall panel is far more ridged and will assist in tying the structure together however, it’s the design and size of the frame you need to consider when purchasing for high wind areas.

Why can Sproutwell claim the Grange is a ‘commercial grade structure’? Made from strong Aluminium Grade 6062 alloy, its strength, design, flexibility and corrosion resistance of this alloy is well in excess of the requirements of most major construction projects. A 40mmx40mm full box-section frame to entire structure takes it well outside the realms of a standard Greenhouse frame.

Every business is different and we acknowledge that one has no control if a competitor wishes to dedicate an entire section of their own product specification on their own website to Sproutwell. Many comment we should be flattered! Lol.

In all seriousness though, it’s a concern when they feel the need to outline every aspect of a product they do not sell or ever installed themselves. We understand a structure such as the Grange would be intimidating and of course competitors would be envious. However, at the end of the day all sorts of products, companies, brands and service will appeal to all sectors of the market. If, one was confident in their own designs, abilities and products then the only thing they should need to focus on is themselves.

As we say to most people who ask…’So what makes the Grange different to other 10mm Greenhouses on the market?’ It is a product that we are so proud of that we happily show off our profiles/frames at Field Days, in our Display Centre, online in photos, video’s…everywhere. That right there makes us different because rather than write about it…pump it up and claim that its everything we say it is…well frankly, we prove it.

Does my Greenhouse need to be secured/anchored to the ground?

Wind unpredictability leads us to strongly recommend that you firmly secure your Sproutwell™ greenhouse into the ground to ensure it remains stable in high winds.

Garden Pro & Prestige Models bases are coated with zinc-coated steel to prevent rust and maximise structural integrity. The anchor legs provided give you the versatility of either concreting them into the ground or you can turn them up side down and Dyna-bolt directly into a concrete slab.

Alternatively you can also build on a timber base and use 450mm starpickets to anchor to the ground (particularly popular with our Grange Series). Also common for securing our Granges is to dig a 200mm concrete strip footing around the perimeter of the Greenhouse and use the dynabolts provided to secure to the ground.

If you are wanting to erect a Greenhouse with significant fall/uneven ground or perhaps you have unique circumstances please feel free to contact us and we can talk through the options and offer advice on other anchoring methods.

Can I use my Greenhouse in Summer?

With the appropriate shading system and cross ventilation it is possible to use your Sproutwell™ greenhouse during the summer growing season, however you will need to take measures to reduce plant leaf temperature and the chance of burning.

Sproutwell™ has a range of Sproutwell™ Shading Systems that are attached to the outside of your Sproutwell™ greenhouse to reflect the heat in summer and retain heat in winter. Produced especially to fit Sproutwell™ greenhouses, these shading systems do not interfere with Sproutwell™ Auto Roof Vent Openings – so you can be sure that your existing heat release and ventilation systems will work.

Sproutwell™ Shading Systems are NOT made from shadecloth, they are made with Aluminet – a knitted screen made from metalised fibre that reflects unwanted sunlight and harmful radiant heat, and offers durability and longevity.

Maintaining an ideal growing environment in summer will also require significant cross ventilation, which can easily be achieved with Sproutwell™ Auto Vent Openings that open automatically to release hot air and cool your greenhouse. Sproutwell™ Louvre Windows fitted to the rear of your Sproutwell™ greenhouse, combined with leaving the door ajar, will also create the cross ventilation you need for the ideal growing climate in summer.

Is it important to create organisational zones in your Greenhouse?

An Organised Greenhouse Is a Productive Greenhouse!
I’m sure we all strive to have the perfectly organised greenhouse…but as we all know, it’s sometimes easier said than done. If you’re trying to get your greenhouse tidy and organised, then here are some ideas to help you. In order to get the inside of your greenhouse organised and functional, it’s helpful to split the interior area into zones. You don’t have to do this physically – to start with it can be helpful to draw it out as a diagram. Think about the main areas you’d like to have in your greenhouse, such as main planting area, a tool storage area, a worktop area for potting or taking cuttings, and perhaps an area for storing plant feed or watering equipment.

Options For Planting Areas
Every gardener uses their greenhouse in a different way, so greenhouse accessories are infinitely variable to suit the needs of all. This is particularly relevant for benches, staging and raised garden beds. Most greenhouses have at least one potting bench and some permanent staging to nurture developing plants or garden beds for optimum planting. It is personal preference and one that we are developing to suit all types of greenhouse setups.

Individual Stands: This is an essential part to any greenhouse and it will help you feel organised if you have a dedicated area for potting. If you would rather plan for your greenhouse to have the raised garden bed option but would still like an area of shelving for storage or a flat surface to use as a work area then you may want to consider our Rear-Wall shelving kits / Individual Stands / Potting Benches. If you require something stronger to hold 30kg+ we recommend our Galvanised Stands.
Raised Garden Beds: Our Raised Planter Boxes will allow you to space your plants a little closer together as you don’t need to allow places to step. Raised beds also tend to drain away excess moisture opposed to standard garden beds. During the winter months most greenhouses are sheltering plants that might not otherwise survive outside so floor space can be hard to find. Take a careful look around your greenhouse and see how you can utilise your space more effectively.
Seed Tray Stands: If you’ve been looking for a way to grow from seed without taking up the space in your garden then these compact easy assembly stands is the way to go. They come with 12 Trays and once your seedlings have sprouted you’ll be ready to replant them straight into larger pots or into Raised Garden Beds.