Commercial & Rural Greenhouses

  • Withstands Winds From 90km-150km
    for specific models
  • 10-20yr Structural Frame Warranty
    for all models
  • 2x Free Automatic Vent Openers
    for most models
  • 10x FREE Plant Hangers
    for most models

Commercial / Rural

Grange 3, 4, 5 & 7 Series Commercial Greenhouses

Our Grange Series is Australia’s first proven commercial grade Greenhouse (been in the market for over 6yrs) and is widely being used in both the residential and commercial agricultural industry. This range of Greenhouses can not be compared to any other 10mm product on the market – as our competitors entire structures are not made with a FULL box section frame. It is also a structure that can span 5m and 7m wide- they are tough!

The strongest Greenhouse available

Buyers can clearly see that what we market and claim is 100% truth. Seeing them on display in person just confirms that the Grange indeed cannot be compared to anything else on the market. Did you know… we can provide a certificate of compliance as required under the building act * National Construction Code * Australian Standards AS1170 & AS1664.1 Sproutwell Greenhouses is the only Australian company to have a range of greenhouses & glasshouses independently engineered to back up the advertised wind ratings. It is important to note: Despite what our competitors’ claim/advertise… they do not have the certifications to back up what they say and in many cases despite what you're told you will require Council permits.

Assembly Skill Level

  • Novice

  • Weekend Warrior

  • Expert

Why choose our elite Grange Greenhouses?

The Sproutwell® Grange Series uses our Easy Seeing Is Believing: Our Grange Series is very unique as it’s made from a large 40mm box section aluminum profile not seen in any other Greenhouse on the Australian market (proven). Complete with 10mm Polycarbonate Panels using MICRON2 technology makes it hands down the strongest and highest quality Greenhouse available. The entire range is perfect for those wanting to erect a larger Greenhouse in an open area as the strength of the structure is unbelievably strong.

Easy to Extend Option

The Sproutwell® Grange Series uses our Easy Aluminum Connectors and Smart Slide-in Assembly System which has been designed to reduce the assembly time by up to 70% compared to other greenhouse structures (uses 300+ less nuts & bolts than the traditional style Greenhouse). It can be assembled within a day (depending on the size) and can be erected by one person as the frame is far stronger and ridged. Another attractive feature of the Grange is the easy extend option. No longer are you limited by size as this structure can be extended up to 20m. If you have the space you may like to start with a smaller model and extend at a later date. Each extension is 2m in length and can easily be added at any stage.

Grange 3 Series

Our Grange Series is Australia’s first ultra heavy duty residential/commercial greenhouse and is without a doubt the most sort after greenhouse on the Australian market today.

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Grange 4 Series

Our Grange Series is one of Australia’s most popular heavy duty greenhouse. Ideal for those wanting to erect a larger Greenhouse in an open area as the strength of the structure is unbelievably strong.

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Grange 5 Series

We have been so impressed with the popularity of Sproutwell’s 3 & 4 Grange series, that is has become apparent the introduction of the 5 series is the way of the future for larger properties in Australia.

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Grange 7 Series

The ONLY residential/commercial Greenhouse on the Australian market to span a 7m width!! Its shear strength and durability makes it possible!

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Highlighted Features

Roof Vents

The benefit of our larger vents is the ventilation it provides in summer compared to most typical greenhouses roof vents.

Structural Frame

Made from strong Aluminium Grade 6062 alloy with strength, design, flexibility and corrosion resistance.

Guttering System

Oversized heavy gauge profile guttering for easy drainage and water collection.

Quick to Assemble

Easy 3mm Aluminium Connectors’ and ‘Smart Slide-in Assembly’ system designed to reduce assembly time by 70%.

Barn Style Door

Perfect for those wanting to keep chickens, rabbits and pets outside whilst still wanting constant ventilation.

Box Section Frame

Unique and heavy-duty commercial grade profiles are by far the most impressive of our ranges.

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Support & Customer Service

Sproutwell have a dedicated After Sales Support Team along with phone support for Assembly. If you have a general question or are after advice be sure to contact us as we're here to assist in any way we can.

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