Self Watering Pots

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SproutPot self-watering pots provide optimum watering to your plants automatically, using sub-irrigation technology.

First of its kind, the SproutPot has been designed to connect to a main water source whereby it is filled automatically. Once the maxium level is reached the valve control system kicks in to ensure your pots can’t overflow. As days pass and the plant draws up the water the float valve will kick in and automatically refill as it needs (no electricity required).

GreenSmart Pots

GreenSmart® utilises a unique self-watering systems that uses less water than in-ground cultivation. The plastic cover reduces the evaporation rate and returns the condensed water vapour back to the reservoir. The fully contained system can be placed anywhere with minimal fuss or mess. The result allows the plants to receive all nutrients as and when they need.

SproutPot- Single (Large)

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SproutPot- Single (Small)

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GreenSmart- 5 Pot Special

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Auto Fill- 4 Pot Special

SproutPot- 4POT Special
GreenSmart Pot Large (40L)

Available in Black, Cream or Green

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Sproutwell® offers two very distinct ranges of Glasshouses- Premium (Imperial) 2.6m Width and Elite (Regalia) 3m Width. Made from high quality materials, specially designed structures, and offer assembly systems that give Sproutwell™ Greenhouses huge beneficial differences over other glasshouses on the market today. Sproutwell’s are made to last, look great and is a fantastic investment – one that will add value to any Australian backyard! Complete with 4mm toughened AS/NZS2208 Safety Glass puts these ranges in a class of its own!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider using Self-Watering Pots?

GROWING IN SELF-WATERING POTS In today’s busy world it is hard to find time for growing and maintaining vegetable gardens. Growing in self-watering pots eliminates all those barriers. Gardening in self-watering pots is a pleasure, not a chore. Pots offer a clean, controlled, low-maintenance environment in modern design that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and versatile enough to fit in almost any space outdoors, indoors and perfect for townhouses and apartments. Like any form of gardening, planting in containers can be as simple in keeping the plants vigorous, healthy and comparatively easy, in achieving a higher yield with the same effort. Unlike a garden, growing in self watering pots eliminates the labour intensive chores, such as soil preparation, preparing the seed beds, mulching for water retention etc. The time spent on these routines in the garden can be devoted to getting to know the habits of your plants, keeping them healthy and flourishing, while routine maintenance, such as watering and feeding brings you into regular contact with your plants. The other advantage of gardening in self watering pots rather than in open ground is the possibility of growing plants side by side that require different soil conditions.readable content of a page. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.