• Withstands Winds gust up to 120km
    for specific models
  • 10-20yr Structural Frame Warranty
    for all models
  • 2x Free Automatic Vent Openers
    for most models
  • 10x FREE Plant Hangers
    for most models

Residential / Acerage

Why choose our premium Imperial/Orangery Series?

Our Premium Greenhouses are designed to appeal to the professional gardener or for those wanting an outdoor structure that can also be used as an outdoor room. Our NEW and exclusive side-by-side option of joining these Greenhouses together also provide unlimited width!

What makes this range different to our Competitors?

What makes this range unique and offers a huge benefit over our competitors is the ‘quick smart assembly’ system. On average, each model uses 150+ less nuts and bolts than traditional systems (including our hobby range). Add this to our superior ‘bar-capping’ aluminium mounting panel insertion system, it makes this range of greenhouses unbeatable as the use of silicon channels and PVC strip locking is not required (seen in older models) as part of the design/assembly.

When researching it is also important to make sure you are comparing 'Apples with Apples'. Our Premium Range isn't the same specification as most "Hobby" Greenhouses on the market (including our own Garden Pro Range). NOTE: 8mm Polycarbonate is far more ridged than 6mm. Box section framing is far stronger than standard 'T' style Profiles. Bar-Capping avoids the chance of a panel blow out etc

Assembly Skill Level

  • Novice

  • Weekend Warrior

  • Expert

Designed for the Australian climate

If you live in a location that gets extreme winter weather with gusty winds and snow, then our Imperial and Orangery Series would be a perfect consideration. The design variety from the Orangery is also a welcomed change from the look of most greenhouses you find in Australia.

Tips & Advice

At Sproutwell we’re very pleased to share with you our expertise as you do your research. We suggest you read through the helpful information found on our website as you evaluate your needs and determine the best Glasshouse style, colour, covering material and supporting accessories you may need.
It is important to know that greenhouses/glasshouses aren't 100% leak proof, the framing is designed to channel any moisture to the internal face of the gutter into the drip groove which is quite normal. It is also normal to experience some occasional dripping internally (unless you choose to seal/silicone all panels/glass along all channels).
Please don’t be afraid to ask us questions, Your investment into your Glasshouse is important, and we want to ensure that you are completely comfortable with your purchase!

The Orangery Greenhouse Series

A true classic English style greenhouse. In the mid-nineteenth century, an orangery was a building with large south facing windows. The primary use was to collect the warmth of the sun and thereby “conserve” different types of citrus trees stored inside during the winter months.

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The Imperial Greenhouse Series

The sophistication of our NEW ‘Imperial’ Series comes with full aluminium bar-capping glazing system. This system is stronger and neater than any other greenhouse that use similar bar-capping methods, because the use of silicon channels and PVC strip locking is not required for assembly.

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1940 Side-By-Side - Sproutwell Greenhouses
The Venlo Side-By-Side Greenhouse Series

Flexibility in terms of lengths, widths (unlimited) as well as options for 8mm polycarbonate glazing or toughened 4mm safety glass. Add internal partition doors providing more control by creating isolation zones. A suitable structure for Test Facilities, Research Greenhouses and Bio-security Plant Quarantine Containment.

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Highlighted Features

Greenhouse Roof Vents

4 standard roof vents for Orangery Model.

Structural Frame

Strong Aluminium Grade 6062 alloy, corrosion resistant and offers flexibility in design.

Corner Connector & Guttering System

Easier assembly and guttering allows for easy drainage and water collection.

Lockable Sliding Doors

Perfect for ensuring your greenhouse is secure.

Heavy-duty ground brackets

Anchor to a concrete slab, strip footing, timber base or bricks it secures to most surfaces.

Exclusive ‘Bar-Capping’ Insertion System

Stronger and neater as silicon channels and PVC strip locking is not required.

What makes us different?

  • We Have Award
    Winning Ideas
  • Proudly Australian
    Owned & Operated
  • Largest Interactive Outdoor Display Centre In Australia
  • Australian Independently Certified Product

Support & Customer Service

Sproutwell is open via phone Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm and can be reached by email after hours and weekends. We have a dedicated After Sales Support Team along with phone support for Assembly (may take up to 24hrs if on site). If you have a general question or are after advice be sure to contact us as we're here to assist in any way we can.

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