• Withstands Winds Over 120km
    for all models
  • 20yr Structural Frame Warranty
    for all models
  • 2x Free Automatic Vent Openers
    for most models
  • 10x FREE Plant Hangers
    for most models

Sproutwell™ Glasshouses

What makes Sproutwell Glasshouses different?

Sproutwell® offers two very distinct ranges of Glasshouses- Premium (Imperial) 2.6m Width and Elite (Regalia) 3m Width. Both ranges have been engineered to hold the weight of Glass (Beware- Many over 4m in length are collapsing due to the frame work not being designed to hold the additional weight load!) Sproutwell’s are made to last, look great and is a fantastic investment – one that will add value to any Australian backyard! Complete with 4mm toughened AS/NZS2208 Safety Glass puts these ranges in a class of its own!

Did you know?

Sproutwell™ Glasshouses are made from high quality materials, specially designed structures, and offer assembly systems that give Sproutwell™ Greenhouses huge beneficial differences over other glasshouses on the market today.

Assembly Skill Level

  • Novice

  • Weekend Warrior

  • Expert

How to choose the right Glasshouse for you

A glasshouse can be a large investment so we recommend you gather lots of information about 4mm Toughen Glasshouses and the additional equipment required to maintain a healthy growing environment. You’re best to consider not only your present needs but your future needs also, as careful planning will save lots of time and some additional expenses in the future.

Handy tips and advice

At Sproutwell we’re very pleased to share with you our expertise as you do your research. We suggest you read through the helpful information found on our website as you evaluate your needs and determine the best Glasshouse style, colour, covering material and supporting accessories you may need.
It is important to know that greenhouses/glasshouses aren't 100% leak proof, the framing is designed to channel any moisture to the internal face of the gutter into the drip groove which is quite normal. It is also normal to experience some occasional dripping internally.
Please don’t be afraid to ask us questions, Your investment into your Glasshouse is important, and we want to ensure that you are completely comfortable with your purchase!

Premium Range (Imperial)

Introducing our new and exclusive Premium range of Glasshouse structures. The sophistication of our NEW ‘Imperial’ Series comes with full aluminium bar-capping glazing system which is stronger and neater than any other greenhouse that use similar bar-capping methods. Available in White & Black Frames

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Elite Range (Regalia)

This high quality greenhouse was built to a specification that was originally developed for conservatories and not greenhouses. It features a box section aluminium frame the ridge and corner posts also feature a hollow chamber for extra strength and rigidity. Available in White & Black Frames

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Classic & Deluxe Range (Orangery)

This high quality greenhouse was built to a specification that was originally developed for conservatories and not greenhouses. It features a box section aluminium frame the ridge and corner posts also feature a hollow chamber for extra strength and rigidity. Available in White & Black Frames

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Sproutwell’s Regalia 3m Wide Glasshouse is the only structure on the Australian market to come with a Certificate of Compliance as required under the Building Act

  • * National Construction Code
  • * Australian Standards AS1170 & AS1664.1

Features Breakdown

Feature Description Premium Range Elite Range Classic/Deluxe Range
Heavy Gauge Ridge and Eave Bracing
Lockable Sliding Doors and Roof Vents
Detailed Assembly Instruction Manual
Quick Smart Assembly
4mm Clear Glass Panels Standard
Guttering For Easy Drainage and Water Collection
20 Year Frame Structural Warranty
Full Length Crop Support Rails
Full Length Guttering with PVC Downpipes
Heavy Duty Full Box Section Frame- Extremely Strong
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What makes us different?

  • Winners of the People's Choice Awards for Product Innovation
  • Proudly Australian Family Owned & Operated Since 2011
  • Visit Our Interactive Indoor/Outdoor Display Centre In Geelong Victoria
  • Australian Independently Certified Products Designed & Manufactured for Australia/NZ

Bases & Foundations

A solid base for your Sproutwell™ greenhouse will provide you with long-term durability so you’ll have many, many years of greenhouse growing. Without a solid foundation, your Sproutwell™ greenhouse may settle over time, putting pressure on the frame causing the door or roof windows not open or close correctly. Wind unpredictability leads us to strongly recommend that you firmly secure your Sproutwell™ greenhouse into the ground to ensure it remains stable in high winds. If you are wanting to erect a Greenhouse with significant fall/uneven ground or perhaps you have unique circumstances please feel free to contact us and we can talk through the options and offer advice on other anchoring methods.

Sproutwell™ Greenhouses

Sproutwell has made a name for itself when it comes to innovation and leading the Australian market for quality structures complete with a quicker and easier assembly. One of the main things you will experience when dealing with us is that you will be given the choice to purchase from three very distinct ranges of greenhouses according to your requirements. Sometimes the range that appeals to you the most will be determined by size, budget, location (if prone to high winds), style and colour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still dont have your answer please, don't hesitate to call or email us.

Our Regalia Frames cannot be compared to any other Aluminium Framed Glasshouse as they are thicker and stronger than those of any competitor in this price range- just ask our customers who have seen, touched and felt other brands on the market.
If you live in a location that gets extreme winter weather with gusty winds and snow, then our Regalia Series would be a good consideration. All of our glasshouse models come equipped with a multitude of features, offering you more than just a standard structure. Each model comes with high end 4mm toughened AS/NZS2208 Safety Glass, Side-Wall Louvers, Automatic Vent Openers & a Full side of Cantilever Shelving- All Inclusive!!
This particular Glasshouse is the only Glasshouse that has been Independently Certified and Engineered for Australian weather conditions (only one of its kind). Our Regalia Glasshouses are designed around a commercial model and incorporate the best growing features including our easy to install EPDM rubber glazing strips which stand up to the harshest UV light as well as eliminating rattling, reliance on silicon and installation problems caused by clip methods in older style glasshouses.

Traditionally over many years greenhouses have used glass panels as the glazing method. In recent years however, there have been advancements made in twin-wall Polycarbonate that make it equal to or even better than glass in many ways. This makes the decision tougher than it used to be.
Glass is a classic and beautiful glazing option. Many gardeners select glass greenhouses as their perfect choice due to its aesthetic appeal. It has been the traditional greenhouse building glazing material. It permits the highest amount of light penetration. However, in recent years there have been some huge advancements made in twin-wall Polycarbonate that make it equal to or even better than glass in many ways. This makes the decision tougher than it used to be.
Here is some of the benefits for choosing Glass over Polycarbonate
Better looks: You can see through glass clearly. This enhances the appearance of a greenhouse and gives it the “traditional look.”
The maximum amount of natural light for plants: It has the highest light transmission.
No fading or discoloration: While other covering materials tend to fade and become opaque, glass does not. It may fog up but that’s all. Glass will, therefore, transmit the same amount of light throughout its life.
Long-lasting if breaking is prevented
Flame-resistant: So it’s completely okay to use it in garden areas where barbecues take place.
Natural resource: There are no chemicals used in the production.
Potentially cheap acquisition: You can potentially salvage old windows and build a greenhouse with it.
Easy to replace: You can order or purchase glass panes easily in your city. So, you can fix broken pieces faster.

No heat protection or diffusion: The clarity of the material is nice but it doesn’t break sun rays or provide protection from the sun. If you are in the desert or another sunny place, this might be the death of your plants. Shade cloths will become indispensable. Higher heating/cooling costs: Regarding the previous point, you’ll also have to spend more to heat or cool a glass greenhouse. Higher price for greenhouse kits: Ready-made glass greenhouses can be quite pricey. Danger of breaking glass: Glass can be a very fragile material and breaking of glass panels on the greenhouse can be very dangerous. However, tempered glass can reduce the danger and ensure safety. Set-up: Glass greenhouses are not so easy to set up. In fact, the surface you are using for it must be completely plumb and level in order to prevent cracking of the glass over time. This may make it difficult for the do-it-yourself greenhouse builder. Heavier material: Glass is quite heavy and cumbersome to work with, especially when working with large panes. Not much insulation: Generally, glass does not provide as much insulation for your plant (unless the double-walled glass which is quite expensive). More maintenance: You have to clean the glass more frequently if you want to keep the beautiful appearance. This increases further if you are using hard water for irrigation. You may have to clean them once a month or every 2 weeks, depending on how clear you want them to be.