Installation Terms and Conditions

Please be aware of the following conditions otherwise extra costs may be incurred

  1. The Greenhouse site must be level & flat — No more than 50mm fall over a 4m span or extra charges may apply
  2. A minimum space of 800mm is required around all faces of the greenhouse to ensure we can install your greenhouse with no obstruction.
  3. The site must be clean & tidy with no evidence of pets "garden habits".
  4. Payment is required 7 days prior to installation
  5. Installation Check List & Site photos — We must receive these prior to installation to ensure the site is ready for our installation team, From an OH&S view and to ensure there are no obstructions — if not received within 72hrs prior to installation, your installation may be delayed & cancellation costs may apply.
  6. "Installation of Greenhouse Only" — Please be advised this includes installation of your Greenhouse Frame, Doors and Vents & Included Automatic Vent Openers ONLY. This does not include Installation of any accessories such as Automatic Vent Openers, Shade System, Stands or any Base options such as a timber base etc. (unless shown separate on the quote) — All of these items will incur an extra charge if you wish to have them installed and will be listed individually on your invoice if that is what you have advised Sproutwell you want.
  7. This Installation charge is based on encountering level ground (not just flat ground) and the site being cleared with easy access. This will avoid any further costs down the track should additional base preparation/foundation works need to be addressed in order for the job to be complete (please ignore if we have inspected the site or you have informed us of additional fall to the site). Due to OH&S reasons our installers cannot work in heavy mud, sites not on concrete should be filled with crushed rock.
  8. Any changes to your install date will generally require 2 weeks notice — we are often booked out 6-8 weeks in advance please remember this If you need to change your install date.
  9. Any concerns regarding your installation at time of installation, please ensure you contact the office before the installers leave the installation site. Otherwise additional callout fees may apply. By signing this checklist you are agreeing to Sproutwell Greenhouse's terms & conditions. Customer Signature