Imperial & Orangery Assembly Instructions


Our Imperial Frames are unlike any other Aluminum Framed Glasshouse on the market since the frames/base profiles are thicker and stronger than those of any competition in this price range- simply ask our consumers who have seen, handled, and felt other brands on the market.

This high-quality glasshouse was built to a specification designed for conservatories rather than greenhouses. It has a box section aluminium frame with hollow chambers in the ridge and corner posts for added strength and stiffness.

All assembly instructions are included with your purchase.

Imperial Greenhouse Assembly Tutorial

Our Imperial Frames can not be compared to any other Aluminium Framed Glasshouse as they are thicker and stronger than those of any competitor in this price range, just ask our customers who have seen, touched and felt other brands on the market. If you live in a location that gets extreme winter weather with gusty winds and snow, then our Imperial Series would be a good consideration. What makes this range unique and offers a huge benefit over our competitors is the ‘quick smart assembly’ system and full aluminium bar capping system-No PVC strips, clips or silicone channels.

Greenhouse Extension System Tutorial

The tutorial will show you step steps when joining two greenhouses together using an extension system or a connection kit. if you require any further information, please contact our friendly team for more assistance.