Grange Assembly Instructions


Our Grange Series, billed as the top-of-the-line, is Australia's first ultra-heavy duty residential/commercial Greenhouse, and it is without a doubt the most sought-after Greenhouse on the Australian market today.


PDF copy of instructions can be found in the table below:

Grange 3

Grange 3-3000

Grange 3 Extension

Grange 4-3000

Grange 4-4000

Grange 4 Extension

Grange 7

Grange-7 Reinforced Brace

Grange-7 Reinforced Roof Corner Profiles

Single door

Double Door


Grange Shading 

Grange 5-4000


 Video Assembly Tutorial


Grange Greenhouse Assembly Tutorial | Sproutwell Greenhouses 2021 Our Grange Series is Australia’s first proven commercial grade Greenhouse (been in the market for over 3yrs) and is widely being used in both the residential and commercial agricultural industry.

The Sproutwell® Grange Series uses our Easy Aluminium Connectors and Smart Slide-in Assembly System which has been designed to reduce the assembly time by up to 70% compared to other greenhouse structures (uses 300+ less nuts & bolts than the traditional style Greenhouse).

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