Tip 9: Organising Your Greenhouse!

An Organised Greenhouse Is a Productive Greenhouse!

I’m sure we all strive to have the perfectly organised greenhouse…but as we all know, it’s sometimes easier said than done. If you’re trying to get your greenhouse tidy and organised, then here are some ideas to help you.

Creating Organisational Zones in Your Greenhouse

In order to get the inside of your greenhouse organised and functional, it’s helpful to split the interior area into zones. You don’t have to do this physically – to start with it can be helpful to draw it out as a diagram. Think about the main areas you’d like to have in your greenhouse, such as main planting area, a tool storage area, a worktop area for potting or taking cuttings, and perhaps an area for storing plant feed or watering equipment.

Options For Planting Areas

Every gardener uses their greenhouse in a different way, so greenhouse accessories are infinitely variable to suit the needs of all. This is particularly relevant for benches, staging and raised garden beds. Most greenhouses have at least one potting bench and some permanent staging to nurture developing plants or garden beds for optimum planting. It is personal preference and one that we are developing to suit all types of greenhouse setups.

Staging Kits: In order to give your plants and flowers the space they to grow we recommend Greenhouse staging. We have personally designed full shelving kits that fit perfectly into every Sproutwell Greenhouse model.

Individual Stands: This is an essential part to any greenhouse and it will help you feel organised if you have a dedicated area for potting. If you would rather plan for your greenhouse to have the raised garden bed option but would still like an area of shelving for storage or a flat surface to use as a work area then you may want to consider our Rear-Wall shelving kits / Individual Stands / Potting Benches.

Raised Garden Beds: Our Raised Planter Boxes will allow you to space your plants a little closer together as you don’t need to allow places to step. Raised beds also tend to drain away excess moisture opposed to standard garden beds. During the winter months most greenhouses are sheltering plants that might not otherwise survive outside so floor space can be hard to find. Take a careful look around your greenhouse and see how you can utilise your space more effectively.

Seed Tray Stands: If you’ve been looking for a way to grow from seed without taking up the space in your garden then these compact easy assembly stands is the way to go. They come with 12 Trays and once your seedlings have sprouted you’ll be ready to replant them straight into larger pots or into Raised Garden Beds.