Our Grange Series Has Just Got Better!

So it’s no secret our Grange Series has just been an amazing addition to our Sproutwell Range. What started as an idea to bring an easier assembly model to the market has evolved and become Australia’s most sort after Greenhouse. There are many reasons for this…but here is just a few.

  1. Seeing Is Believing: Buyers can clearly see that what we market and claim is 100% truth. Seeing them on display in person just confirms that the Grange indeed cannot be compared to anything else on the market.

Did you know… we can provide a certificate of compliance as required under the building act

* National Construction Code

* Australian Standards AS1170 & AS1664.1

Sproutwell Greenhouses is the only Australian company to have a range of greenhouses & glasshouses independently engineered to back up the advertised wind ratings.

It is important to note: Despite what our competitors’ claim/advertise… they do not have the certifications to back up what they say. 

  1. Lets Talk About Size: How big to you want to grow? The Grange is the ONLY Aluminium and Polycarbonate/Glass Greenhouse to span over 4m in width. This is a huge accomplishment and very unique which is benefiting many Australian growers across the country.

Our 5m & 7m widths have filled a void in the market that has allowed many farmers, horticultural businesses and Project Managers (for commercial projects) capitalise on these structures.

  1. Most Versatile Greenhouse on the Australian Market: When a Company talks about a product being innovative or superior it’s generally because it is a ‘stand out’ when compared to other products available.

Sproutwell’s Grange Series is no expectation! It is constantly evolving and improving and over the years our customers has seen it go from strength to strength. Sproutwell and our manufacturers have never been a team to not stretch themselves locally and internationally. We are always one step ahead of the competition when it comes to design and versatility.

Our Grange can now be cladded using 10mm Polycarbonate, Shade Mesh Panel Insertion System, 4mm Toughen Glass or a combination of all three depending on your requirements. Extra external door sets, Internal doors can all be adapted for this model. 

  1. Quick Assembly System: It is the only Greenhouse that comes with what we call a ‘quick assembly connector system’. Now don’t be fooled into thinking its anything like a beach marquee or umbrella! LOL..

…AND trust us when we say it’s a lot more than a spring-loaded push button click-system. We’re talking a 3mm heavy-duty solid steel spigot that sleeves into the box-section by 2inches each way.

Each section can be tightened (keeps long roof spans straight as a dye) and every 2m section in-between has a nut and bolt connection for added strength.

When customers consider purchasing a Greenhouse over 6-8m in length it’s a HUGE plus and relief to know it will come with 300-400 less nuts and bolts than any other Greenhouse of that size…It is an easier product to work with and takes far less time to build.

As we say to most people who ask…’So what makes the Grange different to other 10mm Greenhouses on the market?’ It is a product that has proven to stand alone- can’t be compared to any other Greenhouse on the market.

We happily show off our profiles/frames at Field Days, in our Display Centres, online in photos, video’s…everywhere! So be sure to compare it for yourselves!


What’s next for the Grange? These are a few of the additional improvements and changes coming soon!