Tip 4: Cooling Your Greenhouse

Cooling Your Greenhouse

In many parts of Australia, cooling a greenhouse can be a greater problem than heating it! Keeping the greenhouse cool is accomplished by obtaining a balance of shading, ventilation and humidity. Providing the proper amount of each is the secret to a cool greenhouse.

Reducing the heat load in the greenhouse can be done in a number of ways. Ventilation can cool a greenhouse to near the ambient outdoor temperature. Using such methods as Auto Vent Openers will allow your greenhouse to automatically cool as the temperature increases. Louvre’s fitted to the back wall can be especially helpful and leaving the doors open.

However, further cooling is most likely required during the summer months so it may be necessary to introduce mist or fog into the air to absorb some additional heat. Fan-and-pad or misting systems are available for this.

The most popular method that we personally recommend is shading as it’s the cheapest and most effective way of controlling greenhouse temperatures during warm weather. Shading is best done outside the greenhouse over the polycarbonate panels as it helps reduce plant leaf temperature reducing burning.