TIP 2: Positioning your Greenhouse

Positioning your Greenhouse: 

We recommend placing your greenhouse close to your house or a place with easy access to water and electricity supplies. Avoid shade and exposed, draughty position. Your greenhouse should be situated lengthwise North to South to catch the maximum amount of light, on a surface with good drainage propensities.

One question that was asked frequently was, ‘how do I protect my greenhouse from strong winds…?’

Unfortunately ALL greenhouses are particularly vulnerable to wind damage. Of course, we have modified our designs to stand up to strong winds but we highly recommend that you take the potential threat of the wind to damage your greenhouse very seriously especially when it comes to positioning it, maintaining it and checking it on an ongoing basis.

Severe winds are so much more common nowadays- the kind of wind, which we used to see once every 10 years, now seems to come more than once a year!
If your area is prone to constant high winds we recommend you shelter your greenhouse by situating fences or hedging in the way of the prevailing winds. Also be aware that areas that look ‘sheltered’ may in fact be ‘wind tunnels’ (e.g. down the side of a house)

If the wind starts to pick up, make sure that your doors and roof vents are closed and stay closed during the wind. If you have a sliding door that has no catch to keep it closed, then you can secure it by drilling a hole in the top door track and inserting a padlock.

After the winds have past, make sure you check your greenhouse. Occasionally a customer has not realised that the polycarbonate panels have popped out of the channels. This is a dangerous situation because there is a gap in the greenhouse and if the wind gets up again it could cause some more damage.

TIP: Keep in mind when positioning your greenhouse that you need a minimum of 600mm clearance around the structure to be able to insert your polycarbonate sheets or glass panels easily. 

Have any further questions regarding your greenhouse positioning? feel free to contact us on 1300 657 174 or admin@sproutwellgreenhouses.com.au