TIP 1 – Good Solid Foundation For your Greenhouse

– Good Solid Foundation – 

As with any building, a good solid foundation is crucial for the long term durability and functionality of your greenhouse. A weak foundation will cause your greenhouse to settle over time causing components such as door or roof windows to not open or close correctly in addition it may potentially damage the frame.

A poorly anchored foundation will increase the likelihood that your greenhouse will fail in high winds or adverse weather.

For this reason it is crucial to take the time to construct a strong and stable foundation that is securely anchored to the ground.

There a many options when it comes to building a solid base for your greenhouse, The most popular is a concrete slab followed closely by crushed rock, Lilydale toppings, Concrete Strip Footings and grass. These options are perfect for those who wish to use staging as the ground is level for the stands to sit on. Pavers are another option for those who rather raised garden beds down both sides as it makes for the perfect pathway.

If you use your greenhouse on an almost daily basis, the materials you use for flooring will be especially important. You’ll need a flooring solution that’s durable, easy to clean and maintain. This is probably why the most common flooring type to be found in greenhouses is concrete slabs. These are fairly cheap and can easily be laid onto a bed of sand, and are pretty easy to clean and maintain. The slabs can be laid in such a way that they not only provide basic clean flooring, but also form a solid foundation for the greenhouse to rest on.

When purchasing a Sproutwell Greenhouse we will provide you with all the information you require to have your base to the correct size to suit the Model you have purchased.

Below are some examples of bases that could work perfectly for your greenhouse.