Self-Watering Pot Review


In today’s busy world it is hard to find time for growing and maintaining vegetable gardens. Growing in self-watering pots eliminates all those barriers. Gardening in self-watering pots is a pleasure, not a chore. Pots offer a clean, controlled, low-maintenance environment in modern design that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and versatile enough to fit in almost any space outdoors, indoors and perfect for townhouses and apartments.

Like any form of gardening, planting in containers can be as simple in keeping the plants vigorous, healthy and comparatively easy, in achieving a higher yield with the same effort. Unlike a garden, growing in self watering pots eliminates the labour intensive chores, such as soil preparation, preparing the seed beds, mulching for water retention etc.

The time spent on these routines in the garden can be devoted to getting to know the habits of your plants, keeping them healthy and flourishing, while routine maintenance, such as watering and feeding brings you into regular contact with your plants. The other advantage of gardening in self watering pots rather than in open ground is the possibility of growing plants side by side that require different soil conditions.


Any gardener who chooses to grow genuine organic vegetables has to make sure that the self watering pot they intend to grow their vegetables is not manufactured with recycled plastic materials used for storing chemicals, detergent or paint containers etc. Greensmart® pots are made in food- grade plastic to prevent any health hazard by the plastic additives leaching into the growing medium in contaminating the vegetables grown with in these pots.


  • Self – watering pots provides a hassle free growing system
  • Food-grade plastic which prevents contamination of the growing medium (BPA Free)
  • The plants have continuous access to water so that the transpiration pull is never 
interrupted and the plants grow continuously at peak performance
  • The visual water level indicator enables easy monitoring of the water reservoir 
(Patent Design Reserved for Greensmart® International Pty Ltd)
  • The cross-cut overflow holes are designed to prevent over watering
  • Tiny holes in the Inner wicking plate is the perfect size for aeration preventing the water reservoir being exposed to mosquito 
  • Plant root are sitting on a 10mm air cushion between the water and the potting mix
  • Beat the increasing water restrictions by saving water
  • The built in water reservoir ensures that frequent watering is not required thereby 
making It possible to leave the plants unattended for extended periods of time.
  • Easily grow your own organic vegetables and herbs in almost any space
  • No toiling in the garden such as digging etc. and also eliminates the chore of