We get asked this question a lot and unfortunately is not simple to answer. Most of the time it will depend on a persons ability to understand and interpret instructions. For example we could put 50 people in a car park and give them all the same Greenhouse to assemble. 20 people will have it completed in a day, another 25 in 2-3 days and then there'll be a small percentage left still trying to work it out after a week. So it can vary dramatically purely based on experience etc We do therefore provide a guide (found on Model Info menu) and we do provide VIDEO assembly for 80% of our products which has helped and feedback has been very positive.  
The price quoted for our team to come and assemble your Greenhouse will depend on a few things. First being location (how far do we need to travel? Will it require overnight stays if large project?) Second, what size Greenhouse/Model are we assembling? Does it include accessories also? Therefore prices can range from $800 to $3500+ Best thing to do is contact us direct to arrange a quote. We are generally booked 8+ weeks in advance and generally only travel 80km from Geelong VIC admin@sproutwellgreenhouses.com.au