Our Shade Systems offer superior climatic protection throughout summer by consistently reducing internal temperatures by up to 10 degrees.

So what is a Shading System?

Simply put, it is the most effective way to stop the heat before it reaches your Greenhouse, unlike conventional shade net which is fitted to the inside of a greenhouse. It will reflect heat in summer and can also be used to retain heat in the winter (in areas where temperatures drop below zero).

Our clever system also allows the Auto Vent Openers to operate without any interference as they are free to expand or contract (when pin is set on the second hole) depending on the inside temperature.

Is Greenhouse Shading Necessary?

In many parts of Australia, cooling a greenhouse can be a greater problem than heating it! Keeping the greenhouse cool is accomplished by obtaining a balance of shading, ventilation and humidity. Providing the proper amount of each is the secret to a cool and functional greenhouse. The most popular method that we personally recommend is shading as it’s the cheapest and most effective way of controlling greenhouse temperatures roughly between December-April.

Shading is best done on the outside of the greenhouse over the polycarbonate panels as it helps reduce plant leaf temperature which will in turn reduce burning.

The amount of shade that is required for your greenhouse is not always the same, as it will depend on the season and the plants that are growing within the greenhouse. In the months of strongest sunlight, you’d want to aim to have shading that reduces the light by 40-50%.

Why do we choose 55% shade?

Its important to note that polycarbonate panels naturally block 10-15% light therefore if you settle for a shade factor of 70% it will inhibit growth of your plants due to inadequate light.

Due to the superior reflection abilities and light weight properties of ALUMINET we decided it would be the perfect cloth to cover the outside of a greenhouse instead of using standard shade cloth that often absorbs heat.

What Is Aluminet?

It is a special knitted screen made from metalised fibre which gives it durability and longevity. It acts like a mirror as its unique aluminised nature reflects unwanted sunlight and harmful radiant heat from the greenhouse during summer and preserves heat inside the greenhouse during winter. At night the Aluminet fabric works as a thermal blanket, trapping the heat energy being released by the earth in the shaded area. This will help cut down nightime heat expenses and prevent frost damage to plants during the coldest times of the year.

Assembly – Knowledge Required


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Features List

  • Designed by Us & Specifically made for our Garden Pro, Prestige, Imperial & Grange Series Greenhouses
  • Aluminet cover provides shade coverage to both the roof & side walls
  • Aluminium support Structure (gal steel powder coated brackets)
  • Simple to install providing immediate shading
  • Versatile design allows shading component to be unclipped and rolled up to store in winter
  • Aluminet is also effective in providing an element of frost protection in the cooler months
  • 55% Shading factor which is the optimum level of shading you need for plant protection whilst providing enough light transmission to stimulate growth (please beware of using anything more than 55% shade as 6mm-10mm Polycarbonate Panels naturally block out an additional 10-15% on top of the shade system)

Garden Pro Shade Systems

Garden Pro 3700 Shade System

The perfect summer accessory allowing you to continue growing through periods of the year when the Greenhouse internal temperatures are above 30 degrees.


Prestige Shade Systems

Prestige 5000 Shade System

All shade systems can be fitted and added later, however, it’s important to note that with each Greenhouse model the roof vents must be removed in order to fit the ridge brackets.


Imperial Shade Systems

Imperial 1940 Shade System

Our Imperial Greenhouse models all come standard with decorative cresting. Does this affect your shade system? No not at all, we’ve designed our shading brackets to fit whilst the cresting remains in place.


Grange Shade Systems

Shade Systems to suit all Sproutwell Models

Our Grange shading fits all sizes 3m, 4m and 5m widths. The length of the shade down each of the side walls will vary depending on which Grange model you purchase.